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About this Plan


Together we will transform the way people receive
kidney care in Ontario

In 2012, the Ontario Renal Network introduced this province’s first comprehensive strategy, the Ontario Renal Plan 1 (2012–2015), to guide the delivery of kidney care services in Ontario. With this second Ontario Renal Plan, we build on the foundational achievements, experiences and lessons of the first plan.

Meaningful consultation created our goals

We believe that this plan belongs to all Ontarians whose lives are affected by chronic kidney disease. As such, its development relied on extensive collaboration and consultation with key stakeholders, including healthcare professionals, renal program administrators, regional and provincial partners, and, for the first time, people with CKD and their families. In total, more than 260 participants provided invaluable insights, particularly highlighting the importance of putting patients at the centre at every stage of their kidney-care journey.

Out of these consultations, the themes of patient engagement, integration of care and access to care became the basis of the three goals identified in this plan.

Our plan reflects partnerships and shared priorities

This plan emphasizes partnerships—between patients and their healthcare teams, among various healthcare professionals, between agencies, etc. Collaboration ensures that we’re all accountable and empowered to deliver the best care possible.

This plan also reflects the shared priorities of Ontario Renal Network, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Regional Renal Programs, which bring the plan’s objectives and initiatives to life at the local level. The plan aligns with the Ministry’s ongoing commitment to provide better access to care, higher-quality care and improved value from our healthcare investments.

Deb B.
Deb B has had diabetes for more than 35 years. Her kidneys failed in 2013. Nocturnal peritoneal dialysis gives her the freedom to continue working with seniors and young people, and to volunteer.Deb's Story All Stories