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Michael M.
In 1987, with no warning, Mike M.’s kidneys failed. Over the years, Mike has undergone hundreds of tests and procedures, while continuing to live a full and active life.Michael's Story
Cybelle L.

Cybelle L

Cybelle L. received a kidney transplant in 2014 after 8 years on the wait list. As her health improves, she is looking forward to going back to work and travelling.
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Deb B.

Deb B

Deb B has had diabetes for more than 35 years. Her kidneys failed in 2013. Nocturnal peritoneal dialysis gives her the freedom to continue working with seniors and young people, and to volunteer.
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Randy R.

Randy R

Randy R. says that even with his health challenges, “life is beautiful.” He retired in 2012 and moved to the country, where he volunteers as a palliative care attendant, is an active member of his church, and enjoys his 1969 Chevy Impala.
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Jody B.

Jody B

Jody B. was diagnosed with hemolytic uremic syndrome when he was just 6 years old. When he is not working as a business analyst or receiving hemodialysis at a self-care dialysis centre (what he calls his “second job”), he is drumming, golfing, kayaking, fishing or antique hunting.
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Becky S.

Becky S

Becky S.’ kidneys failed in 2010 as a result of polycystic kidney disease. In addition to travelling with her husband and 2 adult sons—including a 4-day trip to Oregon and sailing around Lake Ontario—she gardens, knits baby blankets for charity, and writes about her CKD experiences.
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Marci O.

Marci O

Marci O. has a trip to Estonia on the top of her To Do list as soon as she receives a kidney transplant. On leave from her job as a pharmacy assistant, she accepts her health challenges as “the hand I’ve been dealt. I just focus on staying informed, staying positive, and living my life as normally as possible.”
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