Ontario Renal Network | Reseau Renal de L'Ontario

About Ontario Renal Network

Together, we will improve the performance of our health systems by driving quality, accountability, innovation and value.

Working together to create the best health systems in the world.

The Ontario Renal Network (ORN), a division of CCO and an agency of the provincial government, manages the delivery of chronic kidney disease services. Our decisions and advice are based on the best evidence available, enabling us to provide effective planning, programs and funding to support a continuously improving kidney care system in Ontario.

ORN is also responsible for establishing consistent standards and guidelines to support quality kidney care, and putting in place information systems to measure performance. We are committed to ensuring care as close to home as possible while involving patients in system design and planning, and enabling patients and families to make informed decisions with their healthcare team.

Our activities are guided by a multi-year strategic plan. The second Ontario Renal Plan 2015–2019 is the provincial road map to guide how we will all work together to continue to improve the lives of those at risk for and living with CKD over the next four years.


Our central headquarters connects and coordinates a province-wide network of regional chronic kidney disease programs.

Provincial Leadership

Provincial Medical Leads are change agents for specific bodies of work within the Ontario Renal Plan. Each leads one or more priority areas with an advisory role in additional portfolios to enhance collaboration and communication. Together they promote the uptake and implementation of ORN strategic priorities across the Renal Network and greater medical community. This is done through building partnerships with key stakeholders in the healthcare field, identifying how change might be implemented within the Ontario context, and the use of performance measurement and management strategies.

Regional Leadership

A Regional Medical Lead can be found in each of the 14 Local Health Integration Network (LHIN)-based regions and together they represent the 26 CKD Programs in Ontario. The regional leadership model facilitates several key functions essential for the implementation of ORN priorities:

  • Program performance monitoring and management through regular meetings with each CKD Program.
  • System collaboration and spread through regular meetings with provincial and regional leadership to share and spread best-practice.
  • Local implementation of ORP priorities though LHIN-based Integrated Renal Program Councils. 

Our Core Values

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  • Patient focus: We will make decisions in the best interest of patients and the community
  • Transparency: We will adopt a transparent approach to sharing performance-related information and foster a culture of open communication with colleagues, partners and the public
  • Equity: We will ensure fairness across regions in the development of a strong provincial renal network
  • Evidence-based decisions: We will make decisions and provide policy advice based on the best available evidence
  • Performance oriented objectives: We will advance new ideas, promote change and take action toward quality improvements in chronic kidney disease
  • Active engagement: We will consult widely and collaborate with other organizations and service providers in order to achieve our goals
  • Value for money: We will use public resources wisely and promote the efficient use of these resources across the provincial renal network